Cooking for a friend 

I love cooking for other people, I know that when I’m older I want a lovely big kitchen and a spacious dining room with the intention of hosting dinner parties. Whilst this may be a pipe dream as I currently live in a student flat with a kitchen that Sue and Aggie would love to get their hands on, I still love cooking for friends. 

Today in an attempt to be healthy, I cooked my lovely friend Ellie some spinach and ricotta tortellini, with red peppers and spinach in a cheese sauce. On the side we had peppers stuffed with feta, mixed olives with garlic and chilli, and kale roasted with olive oil and sea salt. 

One of the reasons I love tortellini is that it’s so simple (simply boil it for around five minutes) but so yummy and filling. It’s also currently on offer in Tesco as two for £3! 

I added in a whole bag of spinach to the simmering tortellini whilst I microwaved (yes I cheated a bit) some cheese sauce for a few minutes. I then sliced and diced some red pepper, drained the tortellini and spinach and mixed them with the cheese sauce and peppers. 

For the kale I simply filled a baking tray of fresh raw kale, added a glug of olive oil and a pinch of sea salt and roasted for about 10 minutes (just keep an eye on your kale as there’s a fine line between crispy and cremated!) 

We enjoyed this with a nice bottle of white along with our feta stuffed peppers and mixed olives, with lemon cheesecake (shop bought) for dessert. 

India x


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