Veggie Tikka Massala Recipe

This can be done on the hob as well, but I prefer to bung everything in the slow cooker as it’s so handy! 

You can either make the sauce from scratch or use a jar sauce of your choice (handy tip: Tesco’s own is yummy!) if you want to make your own here’s what you’ll need…


2 tbp garam masala

1 tsp turmeric 

1 tsp paprika 

1 tsp garlic granules/garlic powder 

1/2 ginger powder/ground ginger 

1 tin coconut milk 

1 tin of chopped tomatos

Coriander (if you like it) either fresh or dried, to taste, I usually use a teaspoon or two. 

Pop all this in your slow cooker! 

Now the other ingredients:

1 tin green lentils (drained)

1 tin chickpeas (drained) 

220g tenderstem broccoli (chopped roughly)

190g babycorn (chopped roughly)

1 brown onion (diced) 

You can also bulk it out by adding diced sweet potato if you like, I tend to boil the diced pieces to soften them before adding to the slow cooker! 

– add the ingredients to your sauce that is already in your slow cooker, and cook for around 6 hours on high (but it depends on your slow cooker) 

– depending on your taste you can add whatever you want to this for your “side”

– also using your slow cooker is great if you want to bulk cook meals, I’m a student and I usually get about 4 portions out of my slow cooker which I can use the next day or freeze!




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